PWM/TTL Laser Driver 0-4A Adjustable

by electrophile.

2 layer board of 2.23x1.52 inches (56.62x38.61 mm).
Shared on February 13th, 2017 18:06.

Bill of materials is as follows:

C1,C4 1u, C2 22u 25V, C3 4.7u, C5 0.1u, D2 0805 LED GREEN, L1 3.3uH (Bourns SRP6540-3R3M), R1 R020 (20mR), R2 4K7, R3 R020 (20mR), R4 10K, R5 20K, R6 100R, R7 220R, RV1 1K, U1 LED2001PHR, U2 LM4040, U4 4N25.

VIN and LASER output connectors are JST VH (3.96mm pitch) type. PWM and FAN are JST XH (2.5mm pitch) type connectors.

You can control the output current using a PWM signal or an analog voltage through a potentiomenter. Simply slide the SPDT switch to the appropriate position. A hookup guide of sorts is available here

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